3 Lead Generation Tips to acquire Qualified Insurance Leads

The most important objective of an insurance agent is acquiring qualified insurance leads. Gathering knowledge about your insurance products and a good sell speech won’t work and the fact is you can’t just survive without leads. You also need to remember, there are hundreds of insurance agents will compete with you for the same leads unless those are exclusive leads. It is very important to reach to these prospects before your competitors finds them. There are several techniques available for finding insurance leads. The best method to finding insurance leads may vary from agents to agents. There are several factors which will affect your preferences based on your niche market, competition level, sales experience and your target niche. Here are the top 3 proven techniques for acquiring qualified insurance leads:
Insurance Lead Generation Technique #1: Purchase a List Sometime, purchasing leads from a trustable provider like Leadscampus will save your time easily. You buy a subscription, and the lead generation company will do the job for you. But before buying leads from any provider, be sure to Check their terms & conditions. Sometime leads providers may ask you to sign a long-term contract with them, so check the terms & conditions carefully before subscribing. Find out if they can provide exclusive leads. With shared leads you will get thousands of insurance agents calling the same number for sale. Exclusive lead will cost you a few more bucks, but it will eliminate the competition. Check their refund or replacement policy. Most of the lead providers offer some sort of refund / replacements for bad leads, so avoid the ones that don’t.

Insurance Lead Generation Technique #2: Request for Referrals Collecting referral is one of the best lead generation technique in insurance industry. Though it is a bit harder when you are new in this industry and you have a small client list. You should start to ask referrals from your own people who already trust you, such as… Friends. Neighbours. Family Members. Co-workers.

Insurance Lead Generation Technique #3: Get a Better Website You will need a clean and professional website to win trust from your visitors to get a call back or quote requests online. Nowadays, it’s very easy and cheap to build an eye-catching website for your business online within an hour. You can use Wix or Justsitebuilder to prepare your website within an hour.

Other than the above methods there are another method that is very affective to collect local insurance leads – Insurance Leads Generation over Social Media. Using this method, you can easily target exclusive insurance leads for your business from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. We will cover this method in our next article.